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House Revitalization Donation Drive 2012
3:04 12/19/12
Alpha Tau has kicked off the House Revitalization Donation Drive 2012, aiming to repoint the house, renovate the individual bedrooms, and restore the common areas of the house. Check out the donate page for more information and instructions on how to donate, and head to the Facebook groups to learn more and connect with brothers!

Alpha Tau 85th Anniversary
18:08 3/13/11
The 85th Anniversary will be held Saturday, April 16th at Marker's Restaurant (153 Harborside Financial Center, Jersey City, NJ 07311). For more information, please e-mail the President. We hope to see you there!
Map Updated
0:26 4/12/10
The Map of Chapters has been updated with all the recent Colony additions. If you haven't seen how many chapters we have, or how many colonies - you owe it to yourself to see how the fraternity is growing.
Upcoming Rush Events
23:49 9/3/09
Alpha Sig will be hosting a slew of events every Thursday night from 10pm until midnight. We'll be having BBQs, Poker Nights, Fried Everything night, Smores and Ice Cream and more! Stop by for some fun and a friendly atmosphere. Every event will be held at the Alpha Sig house at 903 Castle Point Ter. :)

9/3 - BBQ/Poker Night
9/10 - Just a BBQ
9/17 - Poker Night and Wings!
9/24 - Fried Everything
10/1 - BBQ/Poker Night
10/8 - another BBQ...
10/15 - Home-Made Fatcat Sandwiches
10/22 - BBQ/Poker Night
10/29 - Waffels and Ice Cream
11/5 (at 8pm in Jacobus) - Beat Alpha Sig!
11/12 - Smores and Hot Chocolate
11/19 - again...